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Local children are getting the COVID–19 vaccine, and they want to talk about it

January 20, 2022   ·   0 Comments

The Times met with two local children who had recently received both does of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The pair, who publicly posted pictures of “the jab” through their mom’s social media accounts, wanted to share their experience and opinions with our readers. 

1. Name, age, hometown: Addison Percy, age 10, Alliston

2. When did you get your first vaccine? Why? “I got my first vaccine in November 2021. I got my vaccine so that I could be more protected if I ever get COVID–19. I know that it will help me be able to get back to a bit of a more normal life. I also got it knowing that it might help protect other people too. I also have family down in the United States that I want to be able to see and having the shot makes it easier for me to see them. If I have to stay home from school having the vaccine means I only have to isolate for five days instead of 10. I also know that some people get COVID worse if they don’t have a vaccine so I wanted it for that reason too.”

3. How soon after it was approved for your age group? “COVID vaccines weren’t approved for my age group until November 2021. So I got it as soon as I could.” 

4. When did you get your second dose? “I got my second dose in January 2022, which was perfect timing. It meant I would be ‘fully vaccinated’ when I went back to school when they opened back up in Ontario.”

5. How did people react to your vaccination status, and why did you make it public? “That’s juicy information. Most of my friends and people in my family were supportive and excited for me that I got my COVID vaccine. Some were grateful that I was being so selfless towards wanting to protect others. I wanted to make it public so that people would stop teasing me about not being vaccinated. I wanted to show other people that they don’t need to be afraid of it.” 

6. Did you have any adverse reactions? “Yes, I had just a sore arm with both shots. It only lasted one day and then went away.”

7. Will you get the booster? “Yes, indeed!”

8. Did a lot of your friends get the vaccine too? What are they saying about it (is there confusion in your peer group)? “Yes, a lot of my friends got the vaccine.  They just talk about how it felt getting the shot. They all say it felt like a pinch for a couple seconds and then it was done.”

9. How does having the vaccine make you feel? “Having the vaccine makes me feel happy. I am less afraid of getting COVID and I know that I will be able to stay home instead of going to a hospital if I get it. My mom will stay home and help take care of me and if not, maybe my Nana.” 

10. What do you know about the vaccine and what do you want people your age to know? “The vaccine is a needle and it keeps people safe. I know that scientists make the vaccine and they studied it for a long time and discovered it was safe for anyone from ages 5 and up. I know that lots of people have got the vaccine and I know that most people who have gotten it are less sick than those that aren’t vaccinated from COVID. People that are my age need to know the needle only stings or pinches for a couple seconds and then it’s over. They don’t need to be afraid of it.”

11. Anything else? “After my first shot I started to cry. My Mom thought that maybe it hurt me and she asked, ‘Why are you crying? Did it hurt you?’. I said, ‘No, I am just so relieved.’”

Next week: Addison’s brother, Barrett, shares his story.

By Wendy Gabrek

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